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Chasing down truck drivers is not something you want to do. From finding the right price, dealing with late arrivals, and always knowing where your freight is should not be your job. This is where LaRue Logistics comes in. 

our 4 step process



Provide us with the load details and date you are needing it moved. We offer rates back within 10 minutes or less!



We will provide you with the best prices currently. If you like what you hear, we can pick up your shipment!



We monitor your loads closely at every step of the way and will notify you immediately of any delays. You will have access to the status of your loads 24/7.



Once delivered, you will have the required paperwork from delivery within 24 hours. 

what makes us different

  • Transparency- We take pride in giving you up to date details on every step of your loads, including the bad news.
  • Communication- We work around how you operate your business, so if you prefer emails only, that is no problem. If calling every morning and evening is more your style, you got it! Even if your team is on GroupMe or WhatsApp, we will meet you where you need us to.
  • Work Ethic- Transportation does not stick to a 40 hour week, and neither do we. If your load is picking up early on the east coast, we'll be there to welcome the sun up. And if it's a late delivery on the west coast, we wont go to bed until we know your cargo is safely off the truck and you wake up knowing first thing in the morning all went well. 
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